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Our Team's Collective Accomplishments

$439 Million in Rent Reduction Savings
8800 Restructured Leases
$178 Million in Lease Termination Savings
$2.5 Billion in Retail Property Sold
$1.2 Billion in Transaction & Value Creation
Commercial Lease Restructuring Commercial Lease Restructuring
Wells Fargo Lease Negotiations

Wells Fargo

Due to the quality of their work, we have asked RRG to help us with additional asset disposition across the country. They possess a nationwide network of brokers, real estate professionals and tenants and are able to effectively put together the correct team, at both the local and national level, for our property disposition. I recommend RRG to any company that needs to dispose of excess real estate in an efficient and timely manner while protecting and maximizing value.

- Mark Curtis, Wells Fargo

Boston Market Lease Negotiations

Boston Market

My experience with RRG demonstrated to me that the RRG team is comprised of experienced senior level negotiators who are focused and provide great results. They are committed to preserving and building relationships with landlords and successfully avoided causing any unnecessary issues with Boston Market Landlords. I would recommend RRG as an outsource solution for any real estate program.

- Randy Miller, Boston Market

TGI Fridays Lease Negotiations

TGI Fridays

TGI Fridays' lease terminations tend to be very difficult and sensitive negotiations. RRG has been able to successfully terminate leases while maintaining an amicable relationship with our Landlords. RRG has exceeded our corporate expectations on all these programs. I would recommend RRG to any company that is seeking an effective and efficient outsource real estate solution.

- Christina Davenport, TGIF

Blockbuster Lease Negotiations and Fridays Sale Leaseback


Based on RRGs performance at Blockbuster, I replaced TGI Friday's 3rd party real estate resources with RRG. They have since completed a Sale Leaseback program and continue to work on company projects such as lease terminations. I am happy to discuss my experiences with RRG and would not hesitate to recommend them for your consideration.

- Tom Kurrikoff, TGIF and Blockbuster